PA row left: IT Cost Transparency

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IT Cost Transparency

Your CIOs need end to end visibility into costs across their IT landscape. However, costing data in most organizations is usually gathered in silos. Furthermore, the process to gather costing data and associated roll-up processes is ad-hoc and done differently in each part of the enterprise.

As a result, your CIOs […]

PA row left: Integrated IT Risk Governance

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Integrated IT Risk Governance

Enterprises are under constant pressure to comply with variety of external regulatory requirements such as SOX, Basel, PCI or OSFI.

Internally, you need to assess risks and associate mitigating controls with data, architecture and business compliance requirements such as data sensitivity, security, business continuity and cross-asset stability.

Often the internal and […]

PA row left: IT Transformation Blueprint

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IT Transformation Blueprint

Your CIOs are constantly challenged to transform their IT portfolio.

The biggest dilemma your CIOs face is the lack of facts to help communicate and translate the benefits of their transformation exercises to business stakeholders.

Without the facts, transformation is episodic and silo’ed. Ad-hoc transformation results in more IT complexity which itself […]

PA row left: IT Simplification

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IT Simplification

IT simplification can be a daunting initiative due to the length of time and investment required from your organization.

The lack of facts to measure the progress makes your business-IT dialogue to justify simplification difficult and tricky.

Executing such an effort requires integration and visibility of progress across several portfolios such as projects, […]

PA row left: IT Currency Planning

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IT Currency Planning

When your IT organization has a need to transition from an obsolete technology to a more current product, the actual events and planning for such a transition is often episodic and chaotic.

Orchestrating a currency remediation plan or effort for a widely used technology within your enterprise requires visibility into its […]

PA row left: IT Exemptions and Waivers

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IT Exemptions and Waivers

Devoid of automated exemptions process, your enterprise governance is episodic, reporting oriented and lacks in vitality.

Lack of knowledge about prior exemptions results in your stakeholders filing numerous one-time exemptions for the same technology or standard adding to your CIO’s headache. There is no institutional memory the CIO can leverage […]

PA row left: Integrated IT Business Impact Analysis

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Integrated IT Business Impact Analysis

The diversity and disparate nature of the IT landscape and associated data makes it difficult for your enterprise to put together an end to end picture for business impact analysis.

Your teams end up assembling or connecting these views manually and episodically resulting in CIO’s inability to provide a […]

PA row left: Integrated IT Health Assessment

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Integrated IT Health Assessment

Enterprises often undertake several IT portfolio health assessments. The challenge most organizations face is that these assessments are often requested in silos for the same assets several times a year.

The results of these assessments are seldom shared across your enterprise. These results are not persisted and therefore unavailable for […]